Quest in Action.

When A Child
Has A Crisis

When a child has a medical or emotional crisis it can derail the entire family unit. Navigating the world of experts, therapists, specialists and centres of excellence can be overwhelming, especially as a parent. Quest Executive is there to assist.

Case Study:

In this case the executive's 9 year old son ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and threatened to harm himself. Previously, he had been very anxious but this had now escalated to a crisis for him and the family.

Quest Executive assembled a team that consisted of a social worker, child psychiatrist, a parent coach, a special education teacher and a case manager. Upon investigation, the child had been very frustrated because of poor school performance. He was experiencing challenges at school that were not being supported because of an undiagnosed learning disorder. Once diagnosed, the Quest Executive team was able to arrange for special programming at school and tutoring for additional support. The child's anxiety and fear decreased once he started receiving the help he needed to succeed. The family stress settled. The child started to engage in sports. Calmness prevailed.

what they say

Client satisfaction

“Quest-Executive brings an additional dimension and depth to our families health and wellness program. It can be daunting for our families to manage the various sources of information and recommendations for diagnosis, treatments, solutions and alternatives. The challenge for our families has always been how to navigate the “system” as well as medical language, information and often what feels like conflicting information effectively and with alacrity to bring their family members back to health. This is where RCM and Quest are like no other organizations. They help our families to navigate like no other healthcare advisory groups that we have ever worked with.”

Bob Gould
Partner, Creaghan McConnell Group Ltd

“We can confidently say that our family wouldn’t have achieved our successes without your extraordinary support and guidance, over the past year.

Your intensive work with school personnel, including organizing psycho-social/psycho-educational assessments, liaising with psychologists and tutors, and providing us with parent advocacy, has been exceptional.”

A and J

“In 2019, the team walked with me through a delicate and critical situation, connecting me with the best experts and leading to a wonderful outcome. I would recommend their professionalism to anyone.”

Jonathan Spaetzel
President, Spaenaur Inc.

“Quest Executive focused on the root of the problem by quickly getting the top experts to review my case. QE got me the answers! QE is peace of mind. Priceless!”

Yousry Bissada
President and CEO, Filogix