The Executive's Own Team of Subject Matter Experts Provides Critical Input

Working in the C-suite can be a stressful and lonely place to work. COVID has added more complexity to the executives' work and life.

Executives are called on everyday to be subject matter experts on a host of varied topics and to have a deep enough understanding of
the issues, to make strategic decisions of significance for the enterprise.

The outcomes of these critical decisions put the executives’ career and credibility at risk. The issues involving individual team
members are often the most challenging.

Leaders are expected to deliver results and build a strong employee culture while navigating sensitive issues and determining the most
appropriate decisions to maintain the trust and confidence of the employees and stakeholders.

This is where RCM's advisory services come into play. RCM has been addressing health matters of concern to the enterprise for over 25 years.

Now, we have added experts focused on HR and talent management, occupational health, disability management, employment law, chief
medical officer (CMO), psycho-social consulting, organizational design, executive coaching, and health and wellness.

RCM provides a senior executive with their own team of subject matter experts to provide advice and insights at any time. The entire
process is private and confidential.

The executive can give the problem to a team with the diverse expertise and lived experience to provide real options. This process
allows the executive to safely explore alternative approaches and supporting rationale coming from very different perspectives
to inform their outlook.

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Addressing Complex Workplace Health Matters

Decisions about healthcare matters in the workplace, about the management of disability claims, and the management of talent, can
be complex and potentially costly.

Understanding the basis for absences from work and the claims related to physical or mental health problems or substance use disorder
is also complex.

The toxic workplace with workplace harassment or silent or overt racism or sexism or ageism is another area for which employers will
often want and seek advice.

Now RCM Health Consultancy Inc. is building on its 25-year track record of providing excellence in advising on complex healthcare matters,
by adding workplace health advisory services to its offering.

The team is led by a leading occupational health doctor and includes experts in occupational health, employment law,
human resources, talent management, vocational rehabilitation, and health and safety.

Specific scenarios and cases, and corresponding questions, can be presented by our executive clients to RCM's interdisciplinary

This will result in an in-depth, comprehensive, and actionable report providing a detailed understanding of the issues and the relevant

If the specific case that is being assessed requires a medical opinion, then RCM Health Consultancy can mobilize quickly and cost
effectively by accessing RCM’s proprietary network of over 3,200 experts in over 150 subspecialties. There can be significant cost
savings for our executive clients in avoiding Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs).

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